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  Domestic DDG Prices Steady for Week
  New AG in Hot Seat for Mueller Report 02/22 06:17
  NKorea Seeks Reduction in Sanctions 02/22 06:26
  Admin to Keep 200 Troops in Syria 02/22 06:13
  Lawyer: McCabe Facing Investigation 02/22 06:22
  IS Slips Into Iraq From Syria 02/22 06:25
  Dems to Spend $100M in Battlegrounds 02/22 06:16
  NC Orders New House Election 02/22 06:21
  S&P 500 Sees 4th Straight Weekly Gain 02/22 16:02
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@C9H 375'4 -0'2
@S9H 910'2 -0'6
@W9H 485'0 0'2
@O9H 271'0 1'0
MSFT 110.970000 1.560000
WMT 99.550000 0.160000
XOM 78.420000 0.600000

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