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  Union Pacific Announces New Operating Plan; STB Asks for More Details
  US, China Hike Tariffs on Monday 09/24 05:32
  Trump at UN to Confront NKorea Threat 09/24 05:37
  Comcast $39B Bid Wins Sky Auction 09/24 05:39
  German Govt Must Give Up Squabbles 09/24 05:41
  UK Labor Party Mulls New Referendum 09/24 05:43
  Iran 40 years After the Revolution 09/24 05:45
  Trump Targets Venezuela Food Corruption09/24 05:48
  Global Stocks Dip on China/US Trade 09/24 15:57
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@C8Z 360'0 -0'4
@S8X 846'0 5'0
@W8Z 522'4 -4'4
@O8Z 259'0 -0'2
MSFT 114.670000 0.410000
WMT 94.920000 -0.980000
XOM 86.600000 1.430000

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