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  Upper Mississippi River Closed for Winter; Lower Mississippi Falling Again
  Arizona County Certifies Elec 12/02 06:28
  US Hiring Strong in November 12/02 07:48
  Mexico: More US Trade Talks 12/02 06:10
  Pentagon Debuts Stealth Bombe 12/02 06:03
  Anti-Pakistan Groups Terroris 12/02 06:17
  UK Opposition Wins Special El 12/02 06:19
  Biden Wants SC as 1st Vote 12/02 06:32
  US Stocks Sag After Wages, Jobs Data 12/02 11:03
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@C2Z 630'4 -19'4
@S3F 1435'6 6'0
@W2Z 743'2 -15'4
@O2Z 377'0 -1'6
MSFT 253.140000 - 1.550000
WMT 152.560000 - 0.810000
XOM 109.620000 - 1.180000

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