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  Corn and Soybeans Face Strict Inspections Prior to Export
  Graham Presses Support on GOP Bill 09/21 06:09
  Maria Destroys Homes in Puerto Rico 09/21 06:16
  Mueller Team Seeks WH Documents 09/21 06:05
  Pelosi: Save 'Dreamers' Now 09/21 06:12
  Trump Considers Stricter Refugee Cap 09/21 06:15
  Diplomats Meet on Iran Deal 09/21 06:08
  Calif. Sues Admin Over Border Wall 09/21 06:11
  Stocks Suffer First Decline This Week 09/21 16:09
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@C7Z 351'6 1'4
@S7X 978'4 7'6
@W7Z 453'2 0'6
@O7Z 251'2 1'2
MSFT 74.210000 -0.730000
WMT 80.010000 -0.490000
XOM 79.890000 -0.660000
TWX 102.490000 - 0.400000

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