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  DDG Prices Remain Strong
  Gov't Shuts Down, Blame Game Begins 01/20 09:59
  Travel Ban Heads to Supreme Court 01/20 10:06
  Women's Marches Scheduled Across US 01/20 09:55
  Pence in Egypt for Security Talks 01/20 10:02
  Turkish Jets Bombard Kurds in Syria 01/20 10:05
  Trump Signs Surveillance Law 01/20 09:58
  Fighting Escalates in Kashmir 01/20 10:01
  Stocks Set New Milestones on Friday 01/19 16:16
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@C8H 352'4 1'0
@S8H 975'0 4'2
@W8H 423'2 -2'4
@O8H 258'0 -1'6
MSFT 90.000000 -0.100000
WMT 104.590000 0.290000
XOM 87.150000 -0.280000
TWX 93.360000 0.390000

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