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  DDG Prices Lower
  Trump Sets Expectations Low for Summit 07/15 12:25
  Judge Criticizes Family Reunion Plan 07/15 12:32
  Trump Advice to May: Sue the EU 07/15 12:21
  CA Dem Party Endorses de Leon 07/15 12:28
  Charlotte May Host GOP Convention 07/15 12:31
  Russian Bots Test Ahead of Midterms 07/15 12:24
  Detroit Reborn After Huge Bankruptcy 07/15 12:27
  Stocks End Week With More Gains 07/13 16:02
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@C8N 332'4 -6'2
@S8N 831'4 -16'0
@W8N 484'2 -1'0
@O8N 256'0 0'4
MSFT 105.430000 1.240000
WMT 87.700000 1.180000
XOM 83.310000 0.620000

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